My Story .....

But, they said, "I need to talk about myself.. "

"I make the paintings talk and peer through the soul; is that not enough ? " I said…


Color has the power to communicate, inspire, motivate, and illuminate the spirit and the soul where words are just not enough— it is an emotional experience that creates that song in the heart and brings the onlooker to the 'now' moment with a platform for contemplation .

I  am a self-taught artist, constantly coloring outside the lines, and pushing my own limits. Most of my inspirations come from nature and kids paintings- the colors, the intricate details, and the contrasts never seizes to amaze me each time and every time. I picked up my brushes after 24 year, and I have to confess, I am addicted ! Special shout out to my friends and family for having supported me through this process...


It all started as a meditative, invigorating, and challenging process to combat the effects of every day monotony and then, it was too late to look back- I was 'smitten' by the fluid art just because each piece celebrates the uniqueness of self expression and has debated the normal and expected perception. It can sway anywhere from a risky success to a complete heart-breaking disaster. (I have had quite a few and they mope around in the corner!). I do not limit myself to any one form of style because I love to experiment and every now and then, I get drawn to the Indian Folk art or the bohemian in me takes over or even an on-the-spot doodle.



If any of these paintings resonates or talks to you, then it is meant to do that!

Hope these paintings brighten up your space as much as I have loved creating them!

Spreading peace and love in my own special way!               





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